Gooscooter 10 colių Bluetooth Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

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Nemokamas dovana: (verta $ 15.99) Neperšlampama maišelis 10 "Hoverboard - Lengva nešiotis ir taupyti Hoverboard.
Nemokamas greitas pristatymas iš Europos sandėlių, laivų per 24 valandas.
Priimta UL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS sertifikatas, visa elektros sistema yra geros būklės.


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Nuotolinis valdiklisTaip
LED lemputė ant ratoNe
Patvirtintas sertifikatasUL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS
Variklio galia350Wx2
Baterijos talpa4400 mAh
Baterijos maitinimas158W
Baterijos TipasĮkraunamas Li akumuliatorius
Visas įkrovimo laikas2.5 val
Darbinė temperatūra-10 ~ 35 ℃ (išvengti pastovaus baterijos naudojimo ilgesnio veikimo)
Įvesties įtampa100-240V
Išėjimo įtampa36V
Neperšlampami vandeniui ir dulkių lygiaiDulkių lygiai: IP54 (išvengti lietaus)
Produkto dydis27.2 x 11.0 x 11.4 colio
Produkto svoris29.8 lbs
Min. Apkrova45lbs
Maksimali apkrova220lbs
Maksimalus greitis10 km / val
Diapazonas už pilną mokestį20 km
Didžiausias laipiojimo kampas≤ 25 laipsnių
Tekinimo spindulys0
Važiuoklės aukštis3.9 colio
Pedalo aukštis5.5 colio
Rato dydis10 colių
Padangos tipasPripučiamos padangos
Paketas27.6 x 11.8 x 12.4 colio

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Mūsų "Hoverboards" yra sertifikuojami pagal UL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS. Mes naudojame tik aukščiausios kokybės dalis ir autentišką 100% saugų naudoti sertifikuotas Li-Ion akumuliatorius. Mūsų skraidančios lentos patenkinti standartus pardavimai Šiaurės Amerikoje ir Europoje. P>


Kaip naudotis:
1. Skirtingiems vartotojams gali prireikti 2 ~ 20 minučių kvalifikuotam vairavimui
2. Įjunkite maitinimą, viena pėda ant pedalo suaktyvina indikatoriaus šviesą, sistema įves savistabinio balansavimo režimą, o kita pėda prie kito pedalo laikosi vertikalioje padėtyje, šiuo metu ji yra stacionari.
3. Kūnas šiek tiek pakreiptas į priekį, kojas šiek tiek pakreipiamas atgal į pasitraukimą, pradedantysis turi prisiminti, kad diapazonas yra mažas ir mažas.
4. Dešinė pėda pirmyn pasukite į kairę, o kairė kojelė į priekį pasukite į dešinę.

Įtraukta į paketą:
"Gooscooter" 10 colių "Bluetooth" hoverboard * 1
Adapterinis įkroviklis * 1
Nuotolinis valdiklis * 1
Vartotojo instrukcija * 1
Neperšlampama vandeniui maišelis 10 colių Hoverboard * 1

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Nice larger board

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
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Great for cruising around the neighborhood and local hiking trails.The larger wheels looks solid and really bring a smooth riding when I\'m on it.better that other model hover board.The Bluetooth speakers are loud and sound clear

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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
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Merry Xmas to me! I ordered this and got it super-fast! It came double boxed and in a really nice heavy duty preformed black case with a separate shoulder strap included to carry as well as the handles in the case already. I got a charge just unzipping it from the case and it was already almost fully charged! Comes with the metal fenders and a screwdriver (seriously THIS is how you sell a product, I’m not talking about a plastic mini screwdriver you bust your knuckles on most things come with if at all – this is a real screwdriver! These are the things that, for me at least – a lot of frustration with so many products is what is NOT in the box once you get it, not with this company!), let me know the company cares about its product and your experience) The fenders are optional to begin riding, so I plugged in the charger (only took 30-40 minutes to fully charge) and was greeted with the voice asking to pair with your bluetooth and setup is easy – the instruction booklet is perfect, very straightforward and gives you everything you need to know including safety, how best to ride, all the technical specs AND there is an app for your phone to pair the board with to track your speed, battery level, your routes and more (the tech geek in me is hyped about this – the speakers in the board played my music from my phone) The app is a simple download – just scan the barcode on the back of the quick guide manual and the app opens in the app store to download (android and apple). Everything about this is what you want from a product - heavy duty, high quality product with easy setup that works as advertised and better and already almost fully powered so you can start playing with it before you even charge it if you want to. I have only had it a day and I am already the envy of my community. So happy I chose this one – with the Bluetooth phone app and all the bells and whistles not to mention the high quality construction (you don’t feel like you are going to break this easily which helps you feel like you can really test it out fully right out of the box) and the ride itself you cannot go wrong with this in any way! I haven\'t mastered riding and video recording but included a quick video of my initial test of its responsiveness which is insanely cool - can\'t wait to ride at night with all the lights in full effect.

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Óptima compra

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
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Al hijo de mi esposo le encantó. No se baja ni un rato...

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Big tires! Very STABLE!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Total Rating:0 1 2 3 4

I bought this hoverboard a few weeks ago. What I like best about this hoverboard is very stable compared to other similar boards. Very easy even for a beginner.
The control is smooth. We took it to a party and everyone loved it, even the adults. The tires are large and it is easy to ride over obstacles. This board also has Bluetooth speaker and it is very loud! I have tried riding this board for about an hour and it still does not run out of battery. It has been the best investment so far.

0 1 2 3 4

Made this my 10-year-old's most favorite possession, after his Xbox

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The lights, color and bluetooth sound, as well as the soft impact ride, both inside and out, and durability has made this my 10-year-old\'s most favorite possession, after his Xbox. If we could give it a 6 star rating, we would!

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