Gooscooter 8,5 tommer Off-road Bluetooth Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

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Gratis Gave: (værd $ 15.99) Vandtæt taske til 8,5 "Hoverboard - Nem at bære og bevare Hoverboard.
Gratis hurtig fragt fra europæiske varehuse, Ships in 24hrs.
Passeret UL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS certificering, alt elektrisk system i god situation.

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Produkt information

LED lys på hjulIngen
Godkendt certificeringUL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS
Batterikapacitet4400 mAh
Batteri typeGenopladeligt Li-batteri
Fuld opladningstid2,5 time
Driftstemperatur-10 ~ 35 ° C (undgå konsekvent eksponering for at forlænge batteriets levetid)
Vandtætte og støvtætte niveauerStøvtætte niveauer: IP54 (undgå ridning i regnen)
Produktstørrelse23.1 x 7.4 x 7.0 inches
Produktvægt22 lbs
Min belastning45lbs
Maks belastning220lbs
Højeste hastighed13 kilometer i timen
Område pr. Fuld opladning15 km
Maksimal klatvinkel20 ~ 35 grader
Drej radius0
Chassis Højde1.3 tommer
Pedal Højde4.4 tommer
Hjulstørrelse8.5 tommer
DæktypeSolid dæk
Pakke25 x 12 x 12 inches

Yderligere information

Hvilken certificering passerer vores hoverboards? p>

Vores hoverboards er certificeret med UL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS. Vi bruger kun de højeste kvalitetsdele og autentiske 100% sikre til at anvende certificerede Li-Ion battericeller. Vores hoverboards opfylder normerne for salg i Nordamerika og Europa. P>


Sådan bruges:
Forskellige brugere kan have brug for 2 ~ 20 minutter til dygtig kørsel
1. Tænd for strømmen, en fod på pedalen udløs indikatorlyset lyst, systemet går i selvbalanceringsindstilling, så holder den anden fod til en anden pedal oprejst, i øjeblikket i stationær tilstand.
2. Krop svinget lidt fremad for at gå videre, krop svinget lidt bagud for at trække sig tilbage, nybegynder skal huske at rækken er lille og lille.
3. Højre fod fremad, drej til venstre, mens venstre fod fremad drejer til højre.
4. Undgå for meget hældning rundt for at opretholde tyngdepunktet, her har du det sjovt.

Pakke inkluderet:
Gooscooter 8,5 tommer Off-road Bluetooth Hoverboard * 1
Adapter oplader * 1
Brugervejledning * 1

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Kids love them, sturdy

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We purchased these for our children (12 and 9) for christmas. They love them and they are very heavy and sturdy (except for the fenders). They seem to keep a charge long. The instructions about the app are non-existent, but I was able to find it on my Iphone. You can set a max speed and see the battery charge level in the app. We have not taken them outside yet, since we have snow on the ground!

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FUN to play | Friendly | Good Body balancing

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After 10 days of daily use:

Cost efficient: I loved Gooscooter Hoverboard, it runs on Li-ion batteries and you can often go 9+ miles without a problem on a single charge. You can call this model a "BEAST". Less maintenance, making the daily commute to the bus stop, office or school a blast and it doesn’t drain much electricity, can be charged easily. I use them for going to my office as it is just a mile away from my place.

Quality: High-quality material and 220-lb weight capacity. Versatile transportation, both wheels work very well on even the most unforgiving terrain like grass, gravels and dirt

Eco-friendly device: This is one of my favorites as you not only reduce the carbon footprint using it but also put your legs to a little bit of workout with experiencing balancing.

Easy to learn: Riding a hoverboard might seem like a difficult thing to do at first glance and also could hurt, do take precautions and wear a helmet and other gears.
Initially it might be tough to get the grip, but it isn\'t. I can promise you that after a couple of trial and error you’ll be riding pretty decent indoors.

Speeds up to 7 mph with powerful dual 350W motors.
Cosmic color and LED Lights
RUGGED TIRES: 8.5-inch tires (perfect OFF-road). With these, no pebbles from the road get stuck, and they are an all-around tough little gadget.

Heavy (about 25 lbs)

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The best we have seen!

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Total Rating:0 1 2 3 4

These were a second hoverboard purchase after the first was a flop. They are built to last and much safer then the ones with the closed genders, in my opinion. With these, no pebbles from the road get stuck and they are an all around tough little gadget.

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Big, Heavy.

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Update - This thing works great in the yard for my 60lb nephew. He flys around on it. I was a bit disappointed with its on grass performance I weigh 160 and it worked okay. But it worked great for the kids.

I\'m not going to take a star off for it not having blue tooth in speakers which a lot of people say it does in the Q and A. Its not advertised that it has it anymore. It goes "off road" better than the standard version but is harder to ride. It handles gravel okay and slightly higher bumps than the original. but in my yard its impossible to ride with all the bumps. If I wanted to spend more money on this I would have gotten a model with 10\'\' tires.

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Great hoverboard

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I bought this as a Christmas gift for 8 yro son. I can honestly say that all four of us love this hoverboard and would defiantly purchase again. Every kid that visits masters it in about 30 minutes. It took my husband and me a little longer. Bluetooth works great also.
When we first charged it it worked fine. After about 8 weeks of use the green charge light stopped coming on. Then later it wouldn\'t charge and when it was plugged in you could hear the charge pulsing thru the speakers. I contacted Gooscooter and they said they will replace it but are no longer making them with bluetooth. I\'m fine with that as long as it works. Will update when we receive the replacement. Great customer support. Fast reply through email.

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