Gooscooter 8,5 tommers Elektrisk Scooter LED Sammenleggbart Elektrisk Spark Scooter Hoverboard

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Gratis rask frakt fra europeiske varehus, skip i 24 timer.
Passet UL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS-sertifisering, alt elektrisk system i god situasjon.

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Godkjent sertifiseringUL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS
Motor kraft250Wx2
BatteritypeOppladbart Li-batteri
Vanntette og støvtette nivåerStøvtette nivåer: IP54 (unngå å ri i regnet)
Utvalg per full kostnad20km
Hjulstørrelse8.5 tommer

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Hvilken sertifisering passerer våre hoverboards?

Våre hoverboards er sertifisert med UL2272, CE, FCC, ROHS. Vi bruker bare de høyeste kvalitetskomponentene og autentiske 100% trygge for å betjene sertifiserte Li-Ion battericeller. Våre hoverboards oppfyller normer for salg i Nord-Amerika og Europa.


DET HØYESTE SIKKERHETSNIVÅ: Sertifisert CE / FCC / RoHS-godkjent sertifisering; Alle våre elektriske scootere oppfyller de høyeste sikkerhetsstandardene.
8,5 "PNEUMATISK TIRES, FRONT OG BAKSJONSAKS ABSORPTION: De store 8,5 tommer pneumatiske dekkene, foran og bak geart støtdemping og glidelåser er designet for å gi en jevn rytme opplevelse hver gang.
2 HASTIGHETER: 2 Hastighetsnivåer: Den elektriske byen scooter maksimal hastighet er opptil 0-16 km / t i første gir, 17-25 km / t i andre gir.
MER INTELLIGENCE ELECTRIC KICK SCOOTER: Smart LCD-skjerm kontrollpanel viser tilstanden batterinivå, gir, gjeldende hastighet og kjørelengde. Front LED-lys deign, lyser opp i livet ditt.

Dekk som er laget for å komme i gang: 8,5 tommers pneumatiske dekk absorberer støtet av ujevn by.
Forbedret motor og batteri: 250W motor og 36V batteri for økt hastighet og kjøreavstand.
Bærbar design: GXL Fungerer en spak aktivert holderamme, den er bærbar design gjør den praktisk for folk på farten.
Stødabsorberende dekk for en jevnere tur: De store 8,5 tommers front- og bakhjul har gode støtdempende og slitesterke tråder. Sammen med en 250W motor og luftfylte dekk er designet for å gi en jevn rytme opplevelse hver gang.
Dobbelt- og bremsesystem foran og bak: Har en skivebremsing og regenerativ anti-låsesystem for effektiv og responsiv bremsing.
Hastighetsmåler: Vis din nåværende hastighet enkelt fra LED-skjermen.
Batterilevetid: 4 Batterilampeindikatorene gir deg beskjed når det er på tide å lade opp.
Red Headlight: Ride om natten. GXL er utstyrt med en ultra lys LED-lampe.
Gears: Bytt mellom 1. og 2. gir for å angi forskjellige maksimale hastigheter.
Accelerasjon og bremsing: Med variabel hastighetsteknologi har du kontroll.
Rask, brett og frigjør: Den spakede aktiverte foldestolen gjør Scooter bærbar og enkel å lagre.

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more than my expectation

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Recently I had the opportunity to ride one of the new bird scooters in my town. I really loved the convenience and idea of not having to move my car when I went to lunch or get coffee, but I found that ride-share could also be not so convenient when I was in a time crunch, as they are sometimes hard to find. So I decided why rent when I can buy.

Last year I had purchased a hoverboard from and it worked out great for my son, so when I received an email from them about their new product launch I decided to give the commuter scooter a shot. Here are my thoughts... Speed, obviously the first thing I noticed is that mine was faster than the advertised speed of 15.5 mph, I had this thing clocking almost 18 in second gear. With that speed the stopping power was equally as great, they conveniently placed a foot brake on the rear of the deck which controls its rear wheel disk brake which works amazingly... the kid in me had this thing getting sideways on the gravel like I used to do with my kick scooter when I was younger. Overall it just feels like great craftsmanship, it is really sturdy, well constructed, and folds perfectly to fit in the trunk of my car. Oh ya the headlight is really nice too. Additionally it also has another feature of regenerative disk braking, that is suppose to add power back into the battery system, although I am not quite sure how to test.

I\'ll have to say I am brilliantly surprised at how great this folding electric scooter is for the price point at which they are selling them, the other e scooters on the market are way higher priced. I will likely buy another for my eldest son as he is getting ready for college and this will be great for helping get across campus and to class on-time. I am now a scooter guy.

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Works great, hope it lasts a long time!

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I\'ve been using this scooter to commute from the train station to my office downtown (just over a mile) and it works great. I weigh 165lbs. but with my backpack another 10 more, and I average 15mph on level ground. Brakes work great, really like the rear brake for extra stopping power, although the front brake works fine for non-emergency braking. It\'s very stable, and folds up neatly for carrying. At 26lbs though, it\'s not for the faint of heart if you have to lug it a decent distance or up stairs onto a train or up a train platform.

I added some red and white reflective tape to each side of the post for increased visibility:
And I added a clip-on-to-elastic-velcro strobe light. A white one on the post, and a red one that is attached to my backpack.
I also bought some green tire Slime (8 oz bottle) in the event that I get a flat tire. I already have a bike pump with a pressure gauge for mtn biking, so I keep that in my backpack as well.
Hope this review is helpful!

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Enjoyable ride!

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I\'m not a scooter expert - but I really enjoy riding this scooter. Great scooter for a great price! It’s really sturdy and fun to ride. Easy to fold up and carry inside, though it’s somewhat heavy. It looks very good and works as advertised. I actually had it exceeding 18 mph on level ground. Highly recommended. Gooscooter is a trustworthy seller.

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Incredibly smooth ride & durability!!

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Just took my first spin — AMAZING

I’ve been browsing and researching scooters for months now ever since first riding one with the Bird App (which btw currently offers two models: Xiaomi and Segway)

Riding both, the Xiaomi has the perfect wheel size and shock absorption for a super smooth ride, and I probably would’ve ordered one if they weren’t sold out everywhere — probably due to Bird’s buyout.

Then magically, Gooscooter released this model. Not only does it have 3 color options, but offers the same high quality build and thick tires that the competitor offers. Went over a large speed bump with zero noise or friction. Even with the smooth ride of a Xiaomi, the lower base can still hit high bumps, whereas the Gooscooter has a very study base that is higher off the ground — top quality product

My one critique is the handle bar/post. It seems to be slightly flimsy, but it may be because I’m used to the other models, which they weld and modify so it can’t be folded up.

I’ll update if I run into any problems, but I am incredibly happy with this product — I never write reviews, but it was absolutey necessary!

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Great product for cost.

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I\'ve ridden this scooter a few times now both in the dark and during the day time. The light on the front works great, it\'s bright enough to be visible when riding in the bike lane. I still don\'t recommend riding this however if there is a street without a bike lane in the dark .. as the reflector in the back is not very big and may go unnoticed by cars.

Riding overall is good, the tires are large enough such that rocks and small cracks in the road are easy enough to maneuver over. If there is a large crack or hole in the road however, I would not risk riding this over it (falling @ 15mph is not very fun). I\'ve been able to ride this thing around 13 miles on a single charge going up and downhill. The scooter can only go about 12mph when going uphill, but does reach ~15mph when on a relatively flat road.

I recommend this product for those looking to purchase a personal electric scooter. I\'ll edit my review if anything comes up that changes my rating.

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